Adorable Videos Of Kids Taking Off Their Training Wheels

The first time you ride your bike without training wheels is a momentous event. Learn some helpful tips from these cute kids whose parents documented their first time on two wheels on video. Ready to get your tike started? Head over to Schwinn.

1. Remember to smile, remember to breathe

ID: 284439

2. Get ready to give some high fives when you’re done

ID: 284440

3. Don a fashionable helmet

ID: 284464

4. Bring your friends for moral support

ID: 284447

5. Or keep a sibling nearby in case you crash

ID: 284444

6. Just go for it

ID: 284469

7. Or get a little push to get you started

ID: 284471

8. Test out your speed

ID: 285759

9. Fall gracefully

ID: 284456

10. Keep trying!

ID: 285934

11. Enjoy the Scenery

ID: 285904

12. But watch out for Basketball players

ID: 285922

13. Test out your turns

ID: 284451

14. Practice, practice, practice

ID: 284467

15. Do a victory dance

ID: 285950

16. Remember that you’re never too old to learn

ID: 284460

17. Or too young

ID: 285815

18. Don’t be afraid to brag a little when you’re done

ID: 284441

19. Raise your arms in victory

ID: 285817

20. And feel happy of yourself!

ID: 285822

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