42 Curiosities Seen At The Mermaid Parade

One of Coney Island’s most loved and really really strange events.

1. This woman who is a pineapple-ukulele hybrid

ID: 390769

2. This dude who forgot the shower curtains weren’t there

ID: 390771

3. Don’t even act like you don’t know what this is

In case you seriously don’t know. Seriously?

ID: 390774

4. Sparkly Guidos and their friends

ID: 390775

5. The perfect thing for the backyard

ID: 390777

6. Unicycling Sea Monkeys

ID: 390778

7. A young hopeful in the new health-conscious Coney Island Air Eating Competition

ID: 390780

8. A living, breathing figurehead from a pirate ship

ID: 390783

9. World’s Best Heath Ledger as The Joker Impersonator

ID: 390784

10. The best Dad in the universe and his lucky, lucky offspring

ID: 390785

11. Runner up

ID: 390786

12. Nothing to see here, just checking if her fins are tied

ID: 390792

13. By far the coolest wizard seen this side of Hogwarts or Middle Earth

ID: 390793

14. Zombie Mermaids

ID: 390794

15. Mermaids who look like Venom from Spiderman

ID: 390796

16. “Where Are They Now?”- Ariel, The Little Mermaid

ID: 390797

17. Our new leader

ID: 390798

18. PB&J Advocates

ID: 390799

19. A VERY vengeful thunder cloud

ID: 390801

20. Worlds tallest woman

ID: 390802

21. A tarantula head

ID: 390804

22. Max and the Wild Things*

*Already a band name :(

ID: 390806

23. Extraordinary flood preparation

ID: 390808

24. Coordinated Mer-Dance

ID: 390809

25. Fishy transportation methods

ID: 390811

26. A hotdog that is too cool for school

ID: 390813

27. The most intricate body makeup we’ve seen all year

Alright let’s be real: all hour

ID: 390814

28. Extreme tea partying mermaids

ID: 390817

29. Chained up zombie sailor and his girlfriend

ID: 390818

30. Occupy Wall Street’s long mysterious leader

ID: 390819

31. Steve Zissou and his mysterious daughter

ID: 390820

32. Optimus Prime IRL

ID: 390821

33. Cart-driven pole dancers

ID: 390822

34. A cult

ID: 390824

35. A guy who is not even saving that woman from certain tentacle-related death

ID: 390825

36. A vintage strongman

ID: 390826

37. A rag tag marching band

You rascals!

ID: 390829

38. A fire-eating daredevil

ID: 390831

39. Conch blowing coral king

ID: 390832

40. Mermen guards with tridents

ID: 390835

41. A guy who photobombs from the inside

ID: 390836

42. The best and worst part of any parade

ID: 390838


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