Friendship, As Told By Babies And Their Dogs

A true best friend will…

1. Always listen

ID: 1570539

2. Never leave your side

ID: 1570547

3. Give you a hug when you need one

ID: 1570549

4. Help you pick the perfect outfit

ID: 1570554

5. Do stupid things with you

ID: 1576398

6. Accept you for who you are

ID: 1606641

7. Always be your partner in crime

ID: 1570556

8. Easily forgive you

ID: 1570568

9. Know how to make you laugh

ID: 1570576

10. Always be willing to share

ID: 1570585

11. Fight for you

ID: 1570607

12. Cry with you

ID: 1576415

13. Keep all of your secrets

ID: 1570586

14. Try new things with you

ID: 1576451

15. Teach you new things

ID: 1606562

16. ALWAYS have your back

ID: 1606602

17. Let you know when you are wearing too much denim

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