24 Things Your Dachshund Can Do For You

If a dog is man’s best friend, a dachshund must be his BFF.

1. Captain your ship

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2. Make you laugh when you’re sad

ID: 1505421

3. Be your personal stylist

ID: 1505425

4. Cook you a four-course meal

ID: 1505430

5. Spice up your front lawn

ID: 1505436

6. Be your date to a wedding

ID: 1505450

7. Get you hyped for Shark Week

ID: 1505693

8. Take care of you when you are sick

ID: 1505694

9. Help you pack for vacation

ID: 1505701

10. Be your scuba diving buddy

ID: 1505703

11. Catch your dinner

ID: 1505704

12. Read you poetry before bed

ID: 1505721

13. Paint your portrait

ID: 1505723

14. Drive your kids to school

ID: 1505726

15. Play football with you

ID: 1505733

16. Lead a jam sesh

ID: 1505740

17. Put out small fires

ID: 1505743

18. Teach you how to hula dance

ID: 1505744

19. Play Harry Potter with you

ID: 1505747

20. Be your gun for real-life Halo

ID: 1505748

21. Be a skunk

ID: 1505749

22. Host a tea party for you and your friends

ID: 1505757

23. Be your Game Boy

ID: 1505760

24. Sell themselves for money

ID: 1505763

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