23 Reasons Why Middle School Was The Worst For Everyone

Painful memories.

1. Braces.

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2. And if you didn’t have braces, you always feared getting them.

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3. Wondering to yourself in class if your grades even matter.

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4. Every girl believed they were Regina George.

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5. Every boy believed long hair was “hot.”

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6. Guys would douse themselves in Axe.

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7. Puberty hit you like a brick.

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8. Having an article of clothing from Abercrombie, Hollister, or Aeropostale was essential.

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9. Slow dancing at school dances…

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10. Taking hundreds of Photobooth selfies with your pals.

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11. Middle School couples were “in love.”

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12. Jean skirts were socially acceptable.

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13. Middle school sports were a joke.

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14. The cliques were real.

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15. Gym class slayed you.

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16. Substitute teachers thought they ruled the world.

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17. When you couldn’t open your locker.

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18. When you found out your crush liked someone else.

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19. If you weren’t cool, you sucked.

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20. That one dude who breaks out the worm.

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21. Health class was a force.

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22. Getting checked for scoliosis.

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23. Being uncomfortably sad after reading The Diary of Anne Frank.

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