This Is A Book About A Sexy Hedgehog

Paranormal shapeshifter romance novels are a thing. Behold the smutty were-animal glory.

1. Hedging His Bets is about a sexy werehedgehog named Blake, and it has the greatest book cover OF ALL TIME.

ID: 1401528

2. Those abs! That lace! Those quills! What could be more arousing?!

ID: 1401533

3. This begs the question, how does one become a werehedgehog? Do you have to get bit by a…


ID: 1401554

4. As it turns out, shapeshifter romance novels are fairly popular — though most of them are about more intimidating were-animals than hedgehogs.

ID: 1401586

5. Sexy were-lions!

ID: 1401630

6. Sexy were-leopards!

ID: 1401747

7. Sexy were-dragons!

ID: 1401685

8. Sexy regular werewolves!

ID: 1401850

9. Sexy shapeshifting dinosaurs!

ID: 1401896

10. And…this book about a guy in love with a unicorn.

ID: 1401919

h/t to @four_eels for tweeting the Hedging His Bets cover and showing the world the light. Happy reading!

ID: 1401975

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