These 14 Comic Sans Tattoos Are The Actual Worst

Bear witness to eternal regret.

1. This is what trolling yourself looks like.

ID: 1503541

2. Two of the cardinal sins of tattooing meet at last.

ID: 1503240

3. Don’t worry, it’s there.

ID: 1503226

5. Comic Sans can be literary!

ID: 1503336

6. If you ignore Conan on the right, to the left you’ll see Poe’s “Dream Within a Dream” poem.

ID: 1504987

7. From Oscar Wilde’s The Soul of a Man Under Socialism, in a suspiciously comic sans-y font.

ID: 1504386

8. Atticus Finch’s wisdom from To Kill a Mockingbird.

ID: 1504630

9. And from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

ID: 1504048

10. This one’s temporary, but still excellent in a terrible way.

ID: 1503210

11. Also apparently they make temporary tattoos so people can hate your lost child’s taste in fonts.

ID: 1504153

12. Comic Sans meets Pokemon.

ID: 1504848

13. And remember you will.

ID: 1504274

14. Is it OK? Is it really?

ID: 1503563

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