22 Sweet Airbrushed Vans You Want To Take On Tour Right Now

Airbrushing the side of a panel van is actually the coolest thing a human person can do. Here’s what your band should be hauling your equipment around in this summer.

1. The classic look.

ID: 1357789

3. For your fantasy metal band.

ID: 1357735

4. Side panels any roadie would be proud to accidentally drop an amp out of.

ID: 1357760

5. Is lizard rock a thing? It should be a thing.

ID: 1357751

6. All your dreams can become reality on the side of a van.

ID: 1357772

7. Including whatever this is.

ID: 1359547


ID: 1357782

9. Clearly owned by either Lisa Frank or a seapunk.

ID: 1357820

10. Beach Boys cover band material.

ID: 1334343

11. Fear and loathing and low gas mileage.

ID: 1359551

12. Close encounters with a sweet van.

ID: 1359540

13. Big mean green machine.

ID: 1357854

14. Just click your heels 3 times, and thendrive yourself home like an adult with a bitchin’ van.

ID: 1359544

15. Come up with some dangerous animals, paint them on your van. Coolness made easy.

ID: 1357785

16. See?

ID: 1359538


ID: 1359541

18. A babe on wheels, on wheels.

ID: 1357932

19. Do you really want to go through life never owning a vehicle with a wizard on it?

ID: 1359548

20. Didn’t think so.

ID: 1359543

21. In case you really what the nickname “Spider.”

ID: 1357913

22. And finally, the most badass van of them all:

ID: 1357930

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