16 Amazing Beaches You’ll Want To Sip A Cocktail On

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means: beach time! Here are some of the most amazing beaches around the world on which we’d love to sip a cool margarita with the Sauza® Lifeguard.

1. Patong Beach, Thailand

William Cho / Via Flickr: adforce1
ID: 1061544

2. Mustique Island, Grenadines

Image Source / Rex / Rex USA
ID: 1061760

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Michael Stout / Via Flickr: mc_sensei
ID: 1062190

4. Seychelles

Harald Hoyer / Via Flickr: hhoyer
ID: 1062241

5. Jandaíra, Brazil

Nico Kaiser / Via Flickr: nicokaiser
ID: 1062248

6. Ehukai Beach, Hawaii

Daniel Ramirez / Via Flickr: danramarch
ID: 1062343

7. Anguilla Island, Caribbean

ID: 1062823

8. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

ID: 1062832

9. Aruba

Jens karlsson / Via Flickr: chapter3
ID: 1062904

10. Laughing Bird Caye, Belize

Nick M. / Via Flickr: satanoid
ID: 1062921

11. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Harvey Barrison / Via Flickr: hbarrison
ID: 1062925

12. McWay Waterfall Beach, California

Eric Chan / Via Flickr: maveric2003
ID: 1062935

13. The Cook Islands, Polynesia

James D. Morgan / Rex / Rex USA
ID: 1063003

14. Ilha Grande, Brazil

Carine Felgueira / Via Flickr: carinefel
ID: 1063015

15. Cancun, Mexico

ID: 1063049

16. Smugglers Cove Beach, Saint Lucia

Derek Key / Via Flickr: derekskey
ID: 1063063

And any beach this lifeguard might be on.

ID: 1063284

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