What It’s Like Watching The World Cup When You Don’t Know Anything About Soccer

Is it over yet?

1. You feel obligated to look and act like a soccer fan.

Everyone’s doing it.

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2. You are pressured into going somewhere in public to watch the games.

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I recommend a bar for this.

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3. Every “fan” is like this:

They’ll try to get you excited, too. Ew.

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4. And you try to keep up for a little, but you end up like this:

You’re the smart one. You win in this situation. Get those z’s, gurrrrrl. Get em.

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5. This is what normal soccer fans see during the game:

Action! Running! Falling! Kicking! Scoring! Other words!

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6. But your mind is focused on other, more important issues:

Like how did this even happen and who’s going to save him?

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7. Just when you think it’s over (YAY), they get extra playtime at the end, and everyone is all:

Cuz apparently one minute isn’t enough?!?! OH.MY.GOD.

PS. I say “extra playtime,” because I don’t know what it’s actually called. Nor do I care.

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8. But at least by that time, you’re in a happier place:

Disney / Via

Sports are mostly about drinking, right? Or is drinking a sport? Probs both.

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9. People will be pissed no matter what the outcome, and they’ll try to talk to you about it. They’ll reference names and certain moments, and you’ll be like:

E! / Via

You also STILL DON’T CARE. Don’t lie to yourself.

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10. And don’t forget that even when you’re done watching, every single one of your social media accounts will be flooded with gibberish about sports.

Bravo / Via

You can’t escape it. This is your nightmare.

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11. Thankfully, it’s almost over!

See you in 4 years or idk, how often the World Cup happens?

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