Happy Birthday Mom!

Seems like we’re always getting these BuzzFeed links and looking at them all the time, so here’s one created especially for you! Now wouldn’t it be a great present if it went viral?!

2. Hope you don’t feel like this…

ID: 3171639

3. but instead this - on your birthday!

ID: 3171648

4. You know you’ve got it all:

ID: 3171656

5. and that you are old enough to remember the changes but cool enough to keep up with them!

ID: 3171666

6. This has got to include cats, so I hope it makes you smile…

ID: 3171676

7. as well as thinking about all the funny memories we’ve shared (Balou).

ID: 3171682

8. I hope you get all kinds of wonderful feelings on your day!

ID: 3171686

9. And remember that you’re hawt!

ID: 3171692

10. I can’t wait for all the fun and more memories we’re about to share!

ID: 3171701

11. So….

ID: 3171707

12. Once again…

ID: 3171715

13. We love you…

ID: 3171721

14. And want you to have an awesome birthday because you deserve it! (la la la la! la la la!)

ID: 3171788

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