19 Signs You’re Olaf From “Frozen”


1. You get distracted easily.

Disney / Via

2. You love animals.

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3. You feel like you’re falling apart sometimes.

4. You take pleasure in the simple things.

5. You’re accident-prone.

6. You’re a drama queen.

7. You’re blissfully unaware.

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8. You’re always the last one to know.

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9. You love gossiping.

10. You adore hot chocolate and hot tubs.

11. You can find humor in any situation.

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12. You’re a romantic.

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13. You go out of your way to help friends.

Disney / Via

14. You have trouble keeping up appearances.

15. You’re impatient.

Disney / Via

16. You really are a love expert.

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17. You’re clever as hell.

18. You love to party.

Disney / Via

19. And you like warm hugs.

BRB praying that Olaf gets his own movie.

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