17 Moments When Paris Geller From “Gilmore Girls” Was Totally Relatable

Where she leads, I will follow.

Paris is totally relatable…

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1. When you get home from school.

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2. When you’re waiting for the bus.

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3. When you show up late to a party.

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4. When you think about your future.

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5. When you respond to dumb questions.

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6. When you hang out with your friends on a Friday night.

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7. When you have to work on a group project.

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8. When people question your decisions.

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9. When you face the reality of your situation.

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10. When you get approached by a creepy dude.

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11. When you point out the obvious.

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12. When you go to any social gathering.

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13. When you think about your generation.

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14. When you have a near-death experience.

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15. When you wonder if you act too old for your age.

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16. When you are surrounded by couples.

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17. And when you react to seeing your classmates.

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Thanks Paris. You rock; don’t ever change.

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