Unordinary Words Old People Use To Describe Ordinary Things

The AARP crowd has a language all its own. Keep doing your thing, parents, grandparents, great-aunts, and semi-terrifying elderly neighbors!

1. “Thongs”

They’re called flip flops, Mom.

2. “Icebox”

You mean the freezer?

3. “Hook up”

We met up for coffee, Dad. Gawd.

4. “Swim trunks”

It’s a swimsuit!

5. “Pocketbook”

AKA “purse,” “handbag,” or simply “bag.”

6. “Sweeper”

You mean the vacuum?

7. “Clicker”

“Where’s the clicker?” — Every grandparent

8. “Davenport”

Once a Massachusetts furniture company back in the day, it became a generalized term for sofas.

9. “Housecoat”

Putzing around in sweats is totally better than a robe, though.

10. “Surfing the web”

The world wide web, the ‘net, etc.

11. “Peepers”

They help you peep?

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