Other Ways To Appreciate Red Bull

Embrace the addiction! Caffeine junkies unite 4 lyfe.

1. You could make some Red Bull cupcakes.

With Red Bull in the batter and frosting! Not sugar-free, duh. Recipe here.

ID: 1344705

2. Or these ones that also feature Pop Rocks.

Why? Don’t ask silly questions. Recipe here.

ID: 1344712

3. Then you could get in touch with your creative side.

ID: 1344718

4. And partake in the time-honored (since 1999!) tradition of Red Bull can art.

ID: 1344720

5. You could appreciate its awesome power by figuring out how much could kill you.

ID: 1344726

6. Then pop a few of these Jell-O shots.

Because it’s not like you’re going to stop drinking Red Bull. Haha, silly. Recipe here.

ID: 1344745

7. You could get a job driving this thing around.

Part of the gig may be having to give some Red Bull away, however.

ID: 1344855

8. Or gather some friends and impress them with this sorcery.

This guy can open a full can, turn it upside down, and nothing spills out!

ID: 1344730

9. And admire the time and care it took someone to make this cake.

ID: 1344756

10. These sprinkle-y, caffeinated cake pops, though, you could totally make yourself.

This girl clearly has one of the great culinary minds of our time. Recipe here.

ID: 1344757

11. But if you want to feel slightly better about your caloric intake, there’s this Red Bull smoothie.

Recipe here.

ID: 1344766

12. And later on, you could whip up a salad with Red Bull dressing.

Recipe here.

ID: 1344778

13. Which pairs perfectly next to a Red Bull-marinated steak!

Slight variation on this recipe here.

ID: 1344785

14. After you feast, sit back and watch a Red Bull float around space.

ID: 1344734

15. Yep.

ID: 1344824

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