Let’s Get Rid Of All The Mosquitoes

Is there anything more universally detested? No. No, there is not.

1. Mosquitoes are the worst.

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2. If you don’t want to attract mosquitoes, you must not sweat.

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3. Or drink beer.

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8. Basically, there’s no escape unless you move to Antarctica.

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9. Or stay inside forever.

Just keep to your side of the glass, bug.

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10. And when they take your blood, they DON’T EVEN USE IT FOR FOOD.

Mosquitoes can live on nectar and plant sugars and be totally fine. But since female mosquitoes are jerks, they use blood as protein for their eggs. That means every time you get bitten, you HELP MAKE MORE MOSQUITOES. Ugh.

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11. They’re known to travel in SWARMS.

A very unfortunate town in Belarus last year experienced this mosquito invasion.

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13. GROSS.

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14. And, of course, they carry deadly diseases.

Various breeds can carry malaria, elephantiasis, encephalitis, filariasis, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and dengue.

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15. Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths each year than any other living creature.

Nearly 4 million people die, worldwide, from mosquito-related illness.

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16. And now the Asian Tiger mosquito, an even more awful breed, is spreading around the U.S.

Black-and-white Tiger mosquitoes are more aggressive than the garden variety, and will attack you during the day as well as dusk and dawn. Their eggs can also survive a cold winter.

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17. What to do?!

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18. We could all dress like this.

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19. Or walk around with bug zappers, but they’re not really effective.

Although they do provide plenty of entertainment.

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20. There must be other options.

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21. Some researchers don’t even think it would harm the global ecosystem to eliminate the mosquito.


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22. Come on, science!

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23. No one likes mosquitoes. NO ONE.

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24. Help our dream of a day without mosquitoes become a reality!

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25. Until then, health experts recommend protecting yourself with fans.

Fans keep the air — and the horrible things that fly around in it — moving. Moving away from you. Go buy another fan.

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