Flowers Aren’t Friends, They’re Food

Go pick yourself a snack. The neighbors’ nasturtiums are coming in beautifully!

1. Violets

Flavor profile: Velvety and sweet.
Crepe recipe here.

Pansy lemonade here.

Shortbread cookies here.

Just sugaring them makes an impressive garnish. Instructables here!

6. Lavender

Flavor profile: Fragrant and slightly bitter.
Lavender lemon cake here.

Lavender honey ice cream here.

8. Lilacs

Flavor profile: Slightly bitter, lemony overtones.
Lilac scones here.

9. Chamomile

Flavor profile: Light apple taste. Not just for tea and Austen novels.
Chamomile cream pie here.

10. Hibiscus

Flavor profile: Bitter and citrusy.

Hibiscus tea here.

12. Nasturtiums

Flavor profile: Peppery, sweetly spicy. Makes for a fairy-tale salad, like this one.

Nasturtium risotto here.

14. Roses

Flavor profile: Leathery sweet with a fruity taste.
Granola recipe here.

Candied rose petals here.

Rose and cardamom cheesecake here.

17. Dandelions

Flavor profile: Sweet and honey-like. Weeds in the garden, delicious in bread!
Dandy bread here.

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