17 Of The Most Annoying Things Other People Can Do

What really grinds your gears? The good people of Reddit started a list.

1. When people start getting on the train as others are still getting off.

ID: 1287995

2. When people walk slowly in front of you on the sidewalk.

ID: 1287981

3. When people with a lot more than 10 items use the express lane.

ID: 1288134

4. When mothers with strollers take up the whole sidewalk and act annoyed when other people need to get through.

ID: 1288011

5. When someone’s bag takes up a whole seat.

ID: 1288183

6. When people bring small children to scary or R-rated movies.

ID: 1288077

7. When people miss the trash can and keep walking.

ID: 1288038

8. When people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot.

ID: 1288046

9. When people let their children misbehave in restaurants.

ID: 1288055

10. When people hold a conversation right in front of a doorway.

ID: 1288121

11. When you can’t pass anyone on the road because they’re driving the same speed side by side.

ID: 1288258

12. When you purposely hold the door for someone and they don’t acknowledge it.

ID: 1288230

13. When people push trash from their car into the parking lot.

ID: 1288245

14. When you move over for one person and they still bump into you as you pass them.

ID: 1288171

15. When cyclists don’t stop for red lights or obey signs on the road.

ID: 1288203

16. When others are rude to serving people.

ID: 1288215

17. When this happens.

ID: 1288235

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