14 DIY Versions Of Your Favorite Childhood Snacks

You’re an adult now. Show off your maturity and life skills by making grown-up versions of these grade school staples.

1. Fruit by the Foot, now with 100% fewer preservatives!

Recipe here.

ID: 1125939

2. Girl scout cookies you can have. All. Year. Round.

Recipe here.

ID: 1125943

3. Mocha popsicles. Why? Because you’re an adult, that’s why.

And adults get to drink COFFEE. Recipe here.

ID: 1125944

4. Find a bear-shaped cookie cutter and make big-person Teddy Grahams.

Recipe here.

ID: 1126014

5. Or some cheesy fish-shaped crackers.

Recipe here.

ID: 1126038

6. Candy buttons! If you eat the paper (and we all eat the paper) think of it as your daily fiber.

Recipe here.

ID: 1126044

7. Don’t worry, you can still pretend you’re a monster and bite the heads off all your animal crackers.

Especially when they have icing and sprinkles on them. Recipe here.

ID: 1126049

8. And twist your Oreos apart to lick the frosting.

Recipe here.

ID: 1126050

9. These chicken nuggets are guaranteed not to contain surprise brains.

Recipe here.

ID: 1126056

10. Here’s some mac and cheese fit for a grown-up.

Just like Annie used to make it. Recipe here.

ID: 1126061

11. Go ahead and put all the frosting you want on your pop tarts — Mom isn’t looking.

Recipe here.

ID: 1126066

12. And pile your pizza bagel bites high with cheese!

Recipe here.

ID: 1126070

13. Crazy pancakes for dinner? Why not! Adults do what they want.

ID: 1126077

14. And sometimes what they want is gummi bears soaked in alcohol.

Like so.

ID: 1126084

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