10 Micro-Apartments To Make You Rethink Your Space

Could you survive in just 200 square feet of prime real estate to save on rent, energy, and maybe vacuuming? Look at these awesome teeny-tiny apartments.

1. 178 square feet in Brooklyn, NY

An ex-theatre major in the Clinton Hill neighborhood made this space work, according to a 2010 New York Times article, by designating areas for specific functions, and not really cooking. (“Too odiferous.”)

2. 260 square feet in Barcelona

In the trendy Born neighborhood of the city, this lego-style apartment was inspired by ship cabins. It is, apparently, some work, but can fit about 40 people, according to the guy who lives there. Four-zero. And it doubles as a gym!

3. 400 square feet in Chicago

This Lincoln Park apartment belongs to an artist and paper designer who turned it into a clean, bright space (with a Murphy bed!) for living and growing her business.

6. 420 square feet in New York City

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/55389782.

Treehugger.com founder Graham Hill is always looking for ways to pare living space down to its essentials. This space can transform itself eight different ways — dining room, pull-out guest room, sitting area — through rearrangement of furniture and walls.

7. 90 square feet in New York City

A professional organizer moved into this tiny space and built a loft to maximize space, giving her a desk and sitting area. She doesn’t have a kitchen — just a mini fridge and shelves for dry foods — but “in New York City, most people store their laundry in their oven, anyway.”

8. 344 square feet in Budapest

This 32 square meter loft uses a lot of light, bright colors, and mirrors to create the illusion of more space. With a lofted bed, the apartment’s only enclosed space is the bathroom.

11. 300ish square feet in New York City

The winner of Mayor Bloomberg’s micro-apartment design competition was announced in January, and construction on the 250-370 square foot units in the Kips Bay neighborhood began in April from modular components. The winning team’s design was chosen for its good use of light, bookshelves as storage space, and teeny-tiny Juliet balconies.

14. 200 square feet in Seattle

Element 10 houses 36 micro-apartments in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle — all with mini kitchens, beds, and bookshelves.

17. 225 square feet in Providence, RI

Arcade Providence micro-apartments are nestled inside the historic arcade built in 1828, which also happens to be America’s first indoor shopping center. They come with built-in beds, nearly full-sized kitchen appliances, and a full bath.

20. 200 square feet in Seattle

APodments each come with a bed, desk, chair, and tiny kitchen. They’re the subject of some controversy in Seattle, but residents like the downtown location.

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