Why Disney Imagineering Might Be The Best Job Ever

Some evidence from Twitter and Instagram. Don’t read this on a bad day at work. posted on

2. Working in Walt Disney Imagineering is one of the hardest careers in the world to land. Imagineers come up with every piece of Disney’s theme parks, and becoming one is a dream gig for many.

I had a dream last night that I was a Disney Imagineer which is LIKE MY DREAM JOB but when I woke up i realized it wasn't true...

Ditto RT @ResourcefulMom: I've decided that when I grow up, Iwant to be an Imagineer That must be the best job in the world! #NewFantasyland

5. But every job has drawbacks and challenges and leads to cynicism now and then, right? RIGHT? False. Disney Imagineers seem to lead a magical and downright delightful existence, according to Twitter and Instagram.

6. The mornings are different.

10. They definitely seem to eat well.

Enjoying a pork shank in Gaston's Tavern and it's barely 10am. Happy soft opening New Fantasyland! Good day.

Going to Disneyland with some of the design team for "research". Aka Imma eat dole whips all day.

I'm convinced this is why Walt built Disneyland: Parmesan Garlic Fries. Them again, he died at 65.

14. The delight of being in Disneyland doesn’t seem to fade even when it’s for work.

17. But even outside of Disneyland, it’s not a bad situation.

My new sweet ride to take around backstage. Needs a name! Ideas welcome.

I get to watch "Tangled" for research tonight. Best first day of work EVER. I think I'm going to like it here ;)

Got to look at original concept sketches for Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Tomorrowland. Really cool to see what could have been.

22. There’s even Pilates!

24. They handle their cases of the Mondays differently than the average person.

The caption for this: “The perfect fix for a case of the Mondays #disneyland #dca #screamin #imagineer hard at work”

27. A lot of Disney Imagineers are really good at drawing. Like…really good.

(Is “doodle” even a fair description?)

31. Even their Starbucks doodles are above average.

32. In case you haven’t noticed all the exclamation marks and smiley faces, they’re very cheerful. This is cheerful behavior:

Am I the only one who quietly whispers "Maaaaailed it" every time I drop a letter in the mailbox?

34. (So cheerful they even joke about not being cheerful.)

I'll live forever! I knew my moods were onto something! @UberFacts: Research concludes that "highly cheerful" people tend to die younger.

35. They genuinely seem to adore all things Disney…on and off the clock.

drew some #DisneyFrozen fanart today :) I love Anna's costume so much, I've been itching to draw her!

38. Even working on a Sunday seems fun…

39. They’re not ashamed to use the hashtag “love my job.” (Bold.)

40. And man, do they love it.

Exhausted from designing an event put on at WDI yesterday.Tough to remember at times, but making others happy is the most rewarding job ever

With photo assistance from Samir Mezrahi.

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