What It’s Like To Fly Spirit Airlines

Based on true stories.

1. So, you have to book a flight. You know you should have started this process a lot sooner.

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2. You hit up Kayak and Hipmunk.

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3. Hullo, what’s this? One airline’s flights seem to be much cheaper than the others.

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4. Much cheaper!

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5. You’ve never heard of this airline. But as soon as you say “$40 less” to your friends, they say to book it stat. So you do. Perhaps it’s a rare reward from the universe for procrastinating.

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6. Big day’s here! You head to the airport, carry-on bag in tow. You’re so glad your flight gets in at 6 p.m. so you can enjoy Friday and Saturday night with your buddies.

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7. You didn’t check in online, so you do it at the airport. Wait. What? $50 for your extremely carefully packed carry-on? There must be a misunderstanding.

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8. “Actually,” the nonplussed Spirit Airlines attendant informs you, “you could have paid just $35, had you checked in online. Yes, for your carry-on. Better travel with just a purse next time like a lady of the night, dawg.”

(A real checked bag, that’s another $30 to $45.)

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9. Now, you must pay $10 to print your Spirit Airlines boarding pass.

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10. The fun is only just beginning. Your flight is probably delayed, because guess what? Spirit has a small fleet of planes, meaning any delay whatsoever in the hours leading up to your flight will affect you.

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11. Hope you’re not traveling with a friend or family member, because you have to pay to sit with them.

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12. Oh yes, and the seats don’t recline. Perhaps you’re willing to pay $50 for the “Big Front Seats”?

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13. Hey, at least you don’t have to pay for Wi-Fi. BECAUSE THERE IS NONE!

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14. Disgruntled, disheartened, you board the plane hours later. You are losing Friday night with your friends. You ask for water. You are told the water is $3.

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15. Tiring to wait at a gate for hours, huh? Want a pillow? A blanket? Get both, for $7.

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16. You calculate the cost of your Spirit Airlines adventure. It wasn’t, in fact, the cheapest flight you could have gotten, all things considered.

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17. Funny how it’s called Spirit Airlines, since it so genuinely crushed your spirit.

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18. You just cherish the time you have on the ground until you have to fly Spirit back home. And take solace in the shared suffering on Twitter.

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Spirit airlines, I hate you.

— Ili Ana (@IliArenas)

Ili Ana


Spirit airlines, I hate you.

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Spirit Airlines is really the worst.

— Matthew Bylsma (@Harbinger00)

Matthew Bylsma


Spirit Airlines is really the worst.

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Spirit airlines is absolutely the worst airline for booking. $100 a checked bag? ! Charging for choosing your seat? ! Total crap!!

— Joe (@4FingerFx)



Spirit airlines is absolutely the worst airline for booking. $100 a checked bag? ! Charging for choosing your seat? ! Total crap!!

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22. You just don’t want it to ever happen again. Ever.

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