10 Hideous Kate Middleton Photos

Kate Middleton isn’t as perfect as she seems. Even the most flawless non-Disney princess ever isn’t safe from unflattering photos, bad hair days, and fashion DON’Ts. These are her worst photos.

10. Pregnant, or bloated?

9. Nice flyaways, Princess

Via aceshowbiz.com

8. Poor Kate

Via abcinema.tv

7. She looks tired

Via ajilbab.com

6. Red is SO last season

Via xstylish.com

5. Leaving the hospital…AND IT SHOWS

Via zimbio.com

4. Ugh

Via mrpopat.in

3. Must be laundry day

Via yahoo.com

2. I GUESS that’s a look…

Via katemiddletonfans.co.uk

1. Should have stayed in bed

Okay, maybe Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge IS perfect, and we’re lucky to share the same planet as her.

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