A Cat’s Guide To NYC

Most people would agree that New York City is a magical place, full of wonderful sights and sounds. But for a cat, New York City is a WONDERLAND! Not a cat? Doesn’t matter! You can capture your favorite moments with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

1. First Stop: American Museum of Natural History. Hey, dinosaurs! Pretty cool… if you believe in that evolution garbage (and most cats don’t).

Joe Lin
ID: 817849

2. NOW we’re talking.

Joe Lin
ID: 817853

3. Yo. Check her out. TOTAL cougar, amiright?

Joe Lin
ID: 817850

4. So all you do is sit by a window 24/7, motionless, staring off into the middle distance? Totes jealz.

Joe Lin
ID: 817855

5. Look at these downtown hipster a-holes.

Joe Lin
ID: 817854

6. Imagine a world ruled by cats. J/K, this world is already ruled by cats.

ID: 817865

7. I don’t know what this is. But here’s something I DO know: I’m gonna climb up there. And I’m gonna poop in it.

Joe Lin
ID: 817858

8. You know why cats hate pedicabs? Because they’re expensive and slow. Same reason everyone hates ‘em.

Joe Lin
ID: 817857

9. I bet if I could read this would spell something pretty cool.

Joe Lin
ID: 817860

10. MoMa: Nice, comfy boxes but what kind of hotel doesn’t let you scratch the furniture?

Joe Lin
ID: 817861

11. NEMESIS. You’re lucky there’s a river between us, lunch.

Joe Lin
ID: 817859

12. Stopped by Chinatown. Or as I like to call it, HolyShitOMGFishFishFish-Town.

Joe Lin
ID: 817856

13. This place would be amazing even if I weren’t totally blitzed-out on catnip. (Which I am).

Joe Lin
ID: 817873

14. You call it the A-Train. I call it the All-You-Can-Eat Rat Buffet.

Joe Lin
ID: 817868

15. I can’t BELIEVE I got kicked out of this dump. Those dead birds were a gift for DEREK JETER! A gift!!!

Joe Lin
ID: 817871

16. Talk about your tourist trap. I was stuck here for three hours before escaping in some weirdo’s man-bag.

Joe Lin
ID: 817867

17. Saw Cat Power here once. And Cat Stevens. And the Pussycat Dolls… See what I’m doing? YA WELCOME.

Joe Lin
ID: 817863

18. Note to self: Maybe avoid Times Square next time. There are tourists everywhere and some red, furry dude charging for hugs.

Joe Lin
ID: 817869


Joe Lin
ID: 817872

20. G’Night, New York! Remember, YOLN! (You Only Live Nine Times.) Man, I gotta get on Twitter.

Joe Lin
ID: 817870

21. Life’s A Photo: Take It

Every image in this post was taken with a Samsung Galaxy camera. Amazing photography awaits. Check out Samsung’s “Life’s a Photo: Take It” Instagram photo challenge: 32 Photographers from 8 cities compete to prove that their city is the most photogenic city in the world. Vote for your favorite photos by sharing them from Samsung’s tumblr.

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