The 23 Worst Parts Of Studying Abroad In Europe

Studying abroad isn’t all fun and games.If you can survive a semester in Europe, you can survive anything.

1. Filling out the paperwork beforehand

So. Many. Forms.

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2. Trying to understand foreign languages

It doesn’t make any sense!

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3. Packing

50 lb. weight limit? HA!

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4. Hang-drying your clothes

What is this, Colonial Williamsburg?

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5. Figuring out a phone plan

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6. Good luck watching your favorite TV shows

The struggle is real.

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7. Having to pay to use the bathroom

But you have to go SO bad.

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8. Men cat-calling you on the street

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9. The bread on the table: NOT FREE

But you eat it anyway.

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10. Flying on budget airlines

Do these planes even fly?

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11. Trying to figure out the metro system

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12. As an American, you stick out like a sore thumb

You’re not in Kansas anymore.

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13. The exchange rate sucks

Your wallet is going to HATE you.

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14. Trying to care about the “study” part

Classes? What classes?

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15. No peanut butter

Sometimes Nutella just isn’t going to cut it.

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16. Sightseeing while hungover

The worst.

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17. Realizing what a bidet is

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18. Trying to run errands during siesta

Not gonna happen.

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19. Walking on cobblestone

Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

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20. Travelling is exhausting

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21. When public transportation workers go on strike

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22. Walking through tourist groups

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23. Realizing despite all this, you’re going to miss it when you’re done.

Best. Semester. EVER.

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