17 Things Single People Say, And What They Really Mean

“Is there anyone as perfect as me out there?”

1. Single person: “I need to find a date for the wedding.”

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What they really mean: “I do NOT want to be stuck at the singles’ table for this wedding.”

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2. Single person: “I love being single!”

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What they really mean: “It’s none of your business whether or not I am seeing anyone, because I’m a total BAMF either way.”

3. Single person: “I just downloaded Tinder.”

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What they really mean: “I’m getting desperate, and in my thirst have resorted to extreme measures.”

4. Single person: “I’m looking for The One.”

What they really mean: “Why is it so hard to find someone who finds me mildly attractive and gets my sense of humor?”

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5. Single person: “So I met someone last night…”

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What they really mean: “I had an adult sleepover, and we probably will never see each other again.”


6. Single person: “What if I become a crazy cat lady?”

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What they really mean: “I’m sort of joking, but I also really don’t want to be a crazy cat lady.”

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7. Single person: “I’m going on a date tonight!”

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What they really mean: “This probably won’t end well, but at least it’s worth a shot — or three!”


8. Single person: “I’m just too busy with work right now to see anyone.”

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What they really mean: “Stop asking me why I am single!!!”

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9. Single person: “Let’s go out and have some fun tonight!”

What they really mean: “I shaved ‘down there’ and really need to get some, if you catch my drift.”

10. Single person: “I’m not seeing anyone right now.”

What they really mean: “Yeah, I’m single, but I’m also a total catch so I’m not going to settle for just anyone.”

11. Single person: “I’m just not ready to settle down right now.”


What they really mean: “OK, like, I don’t want to get MARRIED but I would love to have a date for weddings and a cuddle buddy. Is that too much to ask?”

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12. Single person: “I just don’t know where to meet anyone these days.”

What they really mean: “Tinder and OkCupid suck, and everyone turns into drunk Cookie Monsters at the bar.”

13. Single person: “I think I’m going to stay in and maybe watch some Netflix tonight.”

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What they really mean: “I need to have a date night with my REAL pint-sized boyfriends, Ben and Jerry.”


14. Single person: “There has to be someone out there for me, I just know it.”

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What they really mean: “Maybe I should just become a nun?”

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15. Single person: “I just haven’t found the right person yet, you know?”

What they really mean: “Dating sucks, everyone sucks, and it’s impossible to find anyone as amazing as me.”

16. Single person: “Sure, I’d love to hang out with you and your boyfriend tonight!”

What they really mean: “Oh, great, third-wheeling again.”

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17. Single person: “I’m single.”

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What they really mean: “I’m single, and it sucks sometimes, but I am FLAWLESS.”

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