22 Signs You’re The Single One In Your Friend Group

One is the only number that you’ll ever do.

1. Your friends in relationships serve as a constant reminder of how truly single you are.

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2. Their PDA also drives you INSANE.


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3. Like, your friends act like you aren’t there, STICKING THEIR TONGUES DOWN EACH OTHERS’ THROATS.

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4. Being the single one sometimes means you feel like the outsider of an inside joke.

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5. And as much as you love your friends, you question why it’s them and not you who is in a relationship.

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6. Sometimes, you feel left out if your friends go out on a group date because you’re always ~ flying solo ~.

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7. If you ARE invited to group dates, it just feels so, so wrong.

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8. And it is complete and utter misery when your friends take pity on you and let you third-wheel their date.

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9. Sometimes, you feel like a failure because everyone else is in a relationship and you’re not.

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10. Your friends have probably tried to set you up with someone they know who is “perfect for you.”

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11. But really, it seemed like they were just trying to torture you.

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12. Sometimes, you feel like your presence is literally cockblocking your friends.

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13. Your mom asks you why you’re not in a relationship like your friends.

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14. It drives you INSANE when your friends start talking about getting married.

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15. When they do actually start to get engaged and married, it totally freaks you out.

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16. Even worse is when they talk about having kids.

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17. You frequently find yourself justifying why you are single to your friends, even though you shouldn’t have to.

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18. You are SO over seeing all of their couples pics on Instagram and Facebook.

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19. Your friends will probably try to give you relationship advice…

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20. … and will try to console you and tell you that, “You’ll find the one,” or “It will happen when you least expect it.”

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21. Also, you really don’t want their pity, because you’re doing just fine, thank you very much.

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22. That’s because you’re a hot piece of ass and you should just keep on living the single lifestyle for as long as it pleases you!

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