28 Problems All Coffee Addicts Will Understand

One cup, two cups, three cups, more.

1. There is no waking up in the morning without your cup of coffee.

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2. You without your coffee vs. you with your coffee is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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3. And to be perfectly honest, drinking that first cup of coffee does nothing to wake you up.

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4. And two or three cups barely will affect you.

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5. Truthfully, you are worried about dying from a caffeine overdose from the amount you have to drink.

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6. The smell of coffee is intoxicating and only increases your desire for more caffeine.

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7. Your paycheck basically goes right back to Starbucks.

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8. You don’t even have to place an order at Starbucks. They already know what you’re drinking.

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9. But your barista gives you that judgmental eye when you order a heavily caffeinated drink.

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10. Your personality is directly correlated with how much caffeine you have had that day.

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11. You also cannot be productive unless you are properly caffeinated.

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12. People have probably noticed how much caffeine you consume. They definitely judged you.

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13. They probably tell you that you should cut back. You don’t listen to them.

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14. You always have to pee because you drink so much coffee.

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15. Decaf coffee? WHAT IS THE POINT.

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16. And it ruins your day when you run out of coffee at work.

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17. There are empty coffee cups and Starbucks napkins strewn throughout your car.

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18. 5-Hour Energy? Those are child’s play.

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19. You have done that thing where you quickly finish a cup of coffee, so you can go and get that next cup of coffee.

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20. When your hot coffee gets cold is a NIGHTMARE.

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21. But even worse? When your iced coffee melts and gets watered down.

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22. You plan trips and your errands around when and where you are going to get coffee.

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23. Maybe you’ve tried to kick your habit. It didn’t go so well.

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24. You may have tried other types of caffeinated beverages, but you know that coffee is what really gives you wings.

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25. Two words: Coffee. Breath.

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26. You’ve grown accustomed to that feeling when your heart is racing and about to explode.

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27. Spilling coffee on yourself has become a part of your daily routine.

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28. Yeah, you may be a coffee addict. BUT IT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE.

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