How To Throw An Awesome Party, As Told By “Harry Potter” Characters

Ain’t no party like a Hogwarts party cuz a Hogwarts party don’t stop!

1. So you and your friends have decided to throw a party?

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2. Excellent! After all, you do love a bit of mischief.

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3. Get ready to have a little cheeky fun!

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4. But remember, throwing a party is a big responsibility.

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5. You probably should run to the ATM so you can buy supplies.

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6. You want to stock up on plenty of beverages for everyone.

A few kegs of Butterbeer should do.

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7. Some snacks wouldn’t hurt either.

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8. If you’re bringing a date, be sure to ask them well in advance.

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9. And it can’t hurt to brush up on your dance moves.

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10. Accept the fact that you’re probably going to have a hangover the next day.

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11. Be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion.

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12. Actually, you should probably wear your best dress robes.

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13. Know how to make an entrance.

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14. Finally, it’s time to actually party.

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15. The guests have started to arrive.

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16. You’re amazed at how many people turned up.

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17. Let the magic begin!

ID: 1930649

18. Time to show off those dance moves you have been working on.

ID: 1930772

19. Make sure everyone who is drinking is of proper age.

ID: 1930679

20. Be prepared for the inevitable party pooper.

ID: 1930568

21. Know that crazy stuff WILL happen.

ID: 1930576

22. Things are bound to get messy.

ID: 1930600

23. Let’s face it, people get sloppy when they drink.

ID: 1930608

24. But it looks like everyone is having a good time.

ID: 1930693

25. Your guests all seem to be enjoying themselves.

ID: 1930725

26. Of course, someone will have too much to drink and embarrass themselves.

ID: 1930688

27. And toward the end of the night, tempers may flare.

ID: 1930716

28. Which probably means it is time for everyone to go.

ID: 1930737

29. But give your friends a hug and give yourself a pat on the back.

ID: 1930740

30. Congrats! You threw the best party EVER!

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