Katy Perry’s Backup Dancer Is The Man Candy You Deserve

You may just ROAR when you see him.

1. Ladies and gentlemen, introduce yourselves to Lockhart Brownlie, a Tasmanian dancer currently on tour with Katy Perry.

ID: 3515442

2. What, you thought people actually went to one of KP’s concerts JUST for the music?

ID: 3515900

3. He’s even attracted the attention of Taylor Swift.

ID: 3515649

4. All that dancing means his body is pretty much an 11 out of 10.

ID: 3515436

5. He’s so good-looking, you might even think he has been photoshopped to look this handsome.

ID: 3515452

6. But your eyes do not deceive you.

ID: 3515599

7. All of this manly perfection is 100% AUTHENTIC.

ID: 3515628

8. Those washboard abs? They are very, VERY real.

ID: 3515601

9. As are those jacked biceps that could crush a python.

ID: 3515617

10. Same with those sultry baby blue eyes.

ID: 3515608

11. His golden beard is so real, even Kate Hudson can’t keep her hands off.

ID: 3515982

12. All of that junk in his trunk? That’s real too. #BLESSED

ID: 3515610

13. Nope, that’s not one of the characters from Mad Men. That’s Lockhart in a suit and tie.

ID: 3515612

14. He even can rock a Speedo. How many other guys can say that? Answer: VERY few.

ID: 3515637


ID: 3515620

16. But seriously, I think we have found the REAL star of the Prismatic tour.

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ID: 3515655

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