A Guy Turned His Shower Head Into His Girlfriend And It Will Terrify You

You will never look at showers the same way again.

1. Meet Single Guy. He is a normal, single guy who just wants some lovin’!

ID: 3401679

2. And here is a normal shower head.

ID: 3401695

3. But what do you do when you are single and have a spare shower head? You turn it into a girlfriend, of course.

ID: 3401696

4. Look at her elegant face. Her beauty is stunning, perhaps even ethereal.

ID: 3401700

5. Look at how her nightgown accentuates her gentle curves.

ID: 3401703

6. Well, I’ve never seen the cartoons section used like *THAT* before, but it appears he is making the “breast” of a bad situation.

ID: 3401704

7. Wow. Single Guy really is committing to this.

ID: 3401710

8. Sadly, it seems Shower Head Girlfriend *might* need to do a few pushups before she has Michelle Obama arms.

ID: 3401712

9. Wow. Shower Head Girlfriend’s face just has that healthy glow to it, don’t you think?

ID: 3401714

10. Jeez, Single Guy almost forgot to put in Shower Head Girlfriend’s eyes. Thank goodness he didn’t forget!

ID: 3401715

11. Stunning. Iconic. Her eyebrow game needs some work, though.

ID: 3401716

12. Wow, are my eyes mistaken, or does Shower Head Girlfriend look *just* like Jennifer Lawrence?

ID: 3401722

13. Honestly, I can’t tell which one is the real JLaw and which one is Shower Head Girlfriend, they are THAT close to being twinsies!

Alberto E. Gonzalez / Getty Images

ID: 3401830

14. But can JLaw do this?

ID: 3401735

15. She DEFINITELY can’t do this.

ID: 3401738

16. Ah, young love <3

ID: 3401742

17. I smell a “Happily Ever After” story…

ID: 3401744

18. *wedding bells play in the distance*

ID: 3401751

19. This, my friends, is what true love looks like.

ID: 3401760

Justin Abarca / BuzzFeed

ID: 3401858

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