22 Ways To Insult Your Friends, As Told By "The Inbetweeners"

With rumours of a second film doing the rounds, we present the Inbetweeners guide to causing offence. Containing strong language, naturally.

1. Don’t waste any time - the first encounter of the day is your first chance to land a blow.

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2. Or even when you’ve just met someone, for that matter.

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3. Make sure you know the exact meaning of your chosen insult.

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4. And always be prepared to pounce on any display of weakness.

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5. Particularly if it can lead to acute public embarrassment.

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7. If words fail you, facial expressions can be a handy alternative.

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8. So can T-shirts.

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9. Or photographs.

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10. Or medical bandages.

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11. There is no easier - or more effective - target than your victim’s Mum.

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12. Can’t stress this one enough.

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13. And if props can be incorporated, then all the better.

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14. Always shoot down any evidence of pomposity.

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15. And delusions of grandeur.

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16. And romantic fantasies.

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17. Basically: if your mate ever starts to feel good about himself, shut it down immediately.

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18. Sometimes, plain speaking is what’s required to get your insult across.

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19. Although feel free to get creative - a made up insult is still an insult.

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20. The best insults ripen with age and find new supporters.

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21. But if all else fails, feel free to fall back on the simple, time-honoured classics.

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22. Last of all, feel free to totally disregard all of this and find your own approach.

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