Desk Safari: Your Head On An Animal’s Body

Having a dull day at the office? We have a suggestion.

1. A new craze is sweeping offices up and down Britain.

ID: 1270114

2. It’s called ‘Desk Safari’, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

ID: 1270118

3. You pick a colleague.

ID: 1270119

4. And an animal that suits them.

ID: 1270120

5. Line them both up, and take a snap.

ID: 1270122

6. Here’s some of our efforts.

ID: 1270133

7. It’s harder than it looks.

ID: 1270132

8. Now let’s see yours!

…And we’ll add the best ones to the list.

ID: 1270138

To see more examples, head over to the Desk Safari Tumblr page.

ID: 1270151


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