34 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

Suddenly childhood feels a long, long time ago.

1. Fun House proprietor Pat Sharp is now 50 years old.

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2. And while we’re at it, the twins are 40 (Melanie is a receptionist and Martina is an account manager).

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3. If she were real, the Lara Croft of the original Playstation game would be turning 40 this year.

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4. Hunter from Gladiators is now bald.


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5. You will never buy a packet of crisps for 10p ever again.

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6. Or drink a bottle of Panda Pops (it was discontinued in 2011).

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7. Or eat Lucky Charms (unless you’re prepared to pay Selfridges £7.49 to import them for you).

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8. Enough time has passed for B*witched to announce a comeback.

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Fifteen years, in fact.

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9. Today’s 18-year-olds have never heard this sound.

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10. Or this one.

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11. Or even this.

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12. 2 Unlimited’s “No Limits” came out 20 years ago.

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13. Mind you, so did this.

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14. It’s been 15 years since World Cup ‘98 when a teenage Michael Owen did this.

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15. And 10 years since David Beckham went through his headband phase.

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images
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16. Kevin the teenager would be 39 today.

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17. Neil Buchanan from Art Attack is now 51 (and a singer in a heavy metal band).

Kevin Nixon/Metal Hammer Magazine via Getty Images

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18. Ten years ago the Guardian homepage looked like this.


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19. While 15 years ago, the Daily Mail website looked like THIS.


ID: 1035613

20. Ten years ago, these were the biggest-selling albums.

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22. The Karate ‘Kid’ is 51.

Getty / Jon Kopaloff

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23. The Hurricanes haven’t kicked a ball in 20 years.

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YouTube / Getty

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25. No one has learnt the Macarena in 18 years.

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26. Chaka Demus & Pliers are both 50.

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30. If you were 14 when the first Harry Potter book came out, you’re 30 now.

ID: 1038208

31. It’s been a whole decade since this book was released.

ID: 1038234

32. This is now basically an antique.

ID: 1038232

33. It’s been 10 years since Jonny Wilkinson won the Rugby World Cup with this kick.

ID: 1038239

34. Hermione Granger is 22.

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