17 Types Of People You See On “Jeremy Kyle”

Jezza: bringing you the best of Britain, week in, week out.

1. This sex God.

ID: 1223168

2. This bloke who has nothing left to prove.

ID: 1223153

3. This guy.

ID: 1223073

4. This person facing an impossible decision.

ID: 1223186

5. This man with the worst excuse in the world.

ID: 1223085

6. This guy who rose to the challenge.

ID: 1223114

7. This family who’ve gone down the wrong road.

ID: 1223196

8. This guy with a lot of explaining to do.

ID: 1223204

9. Amanda.

ID: 1223329

10. This woman trying to find an answer to one of life’s eternal big questions.

ID: 1223213

11. This champ who believes in an eye for an eye.

ID: 1223214

12. Fingernail guy.

ID: 1223234

13. This guy with a face on his tattoos.

ID: 1223241

14. This person.

ID: 1223244

15. This guy with a flimsy grasp of biology.

ID: 1223316

16. This woman who has quite a legitimate grievance, to be fair.

ID: 1223339

17. And of course, Jezza himself.

ID: 1223110

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