59 Things Jack Dorsey Loves

O let me count the things. The Twitter co-founder is a man of many loves. posted on

3. His video store

I love my video store. Even if it's staffed by pretentious white-belt wearin' hipsters.

4. Espadrilles

I love espadrilles. And this glass of wine. And the word "asperity."

5. Meryl Streep’s laugh. (That’s all)

7. Organizing

i love organizing: highrise is playing a huge part today. getting this ship into shape!

8. Spreadsheets

9. Cleats that tie down window shades

i love that our office has cleats to tie down the window shades. it's like a big ship!

11. The energy of coordinated efforts

i love the energy of coordinated efforts. especially well-timed ones.

12. Massive orchestration

Massive orchestration, I love that. Making it easy for all people, well, I love that even more.

13. His new table

I love my new table. I've been spending the last few hours writing in my notebook and drinking tea.

19. Three things in the new office

3 things I love about our new office: the amazing light & view, the hooks for bags under our desks, and the jars of dental hygiene products.

20. Starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal

I love starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal. Especially from an oatmeal bar.

21. The opening line of all Rushdie novels

I love the opening line of all Rushdie's novels. Reading The Enchantress of Florence.

22. This black modern building

23. The view from his hotel room

25. #FollowFridays

This Friday, I encourage you to follow The Amazing @rotca1. Also, I love that you all have created this whole #FollowFriday thing.

26. Apple’s continued commitment to fitness

27. The Roots

28. Playing Scrabble

32. This AMAZING story

33. ZipCar

34. (Really, NOTHING?!)

36. People who exude passion with every action

Leaving an amazing meeting with @GideonYu and someone who will be on Twitter soon. I love people who exude passion with every action.

37. DC

DC is so inspiring. I love it here. Walking to the Lincoln Memorial which I do every time I'm here.

38. This world

39. When music discovers a universal thread

Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" makes people move the same way. Shoulder rocking and bouncing. I love when music discovers a universal thread.

42. The pivot moment

In all epic stories (my favorite), I love the pivot moment the most. All is gloomy & insurmountable, but there is a slight spark of hope...

43. Fitbit

44. This passage

I love this passage. I find myself in it and always working to find that elusive balance. http://j.mp/dXXf9D

45. Weekends at Square

46. Twitter-specific keyboards

I love that the iOS tweet sheet has its own Twitter-specific keyboard, @ and # right there.

48. Diminishing his use of email

49. The idea of an urban corporate campus

I love the idea of an urban corporate campus and all the variety and energy that provides. Go @Benioff. http://t.co/rFZWv3jm

50. Bikram for the heat to loosen, the repetition to know when you progress, and the pacing to full appreciation relaxation

I love Bikram for the heat to loosen, the repetition to know when you progress, and the pacing to fully appreciate relaxation. Total focus.

51. Descriptive brands

Just finished at @UMich. Met and talked with over 150 students, including @violinmonster. I love descriptive brands.

52. The people that turn on iMessage. The people that don’t? He loves a little less

I love the people that turn on the feature in iMessage to let me know they've read my texts. The people that don't: I love a little less.

59. This country

Back in SF. 3,700 miles, 55 driving hours, 10 states, 4 days; I love this country. Now back to work. #hwy4th

The only thing Jack doesn’t appear to love is lamp.

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