The Most Business Deal To Ever Happen In Business

Don’t let the cat out of the bag, ok?

1. Hey you! Come over here to the water cooler

ID: 1389819

2. I know there is a lot on your plate lately

ID: 1389605

3. But we need to touch base

ID: 1389581

4. Take what I am about to say at face value

ID: 1390043

5. But I just crunched the numbers

ID: 1389799

6. And I decided that you should get a piece of the action

ID: 1390023

7. Cause this is going to sell like hot cakes!

ID: 1389911

8. My initial ballpark figures are telling me

ID: 1389806

9. That people will be waiting hand over fist

ID: 1389878

10. And that this is going to be a cash cow

ID: 1389879

11. So, to get this project off the ground

ID: 1389837

12. All we need to do is set up shop

ID: 1390017

13. And strike while the iron is hot

ID: 1390026

14. So we can REALLY drum up some business!

ID: 1390275

15. Pretty much everyone is already on board

ID: 1389777

16. Should I pencil you in?

ID: 1389594

17. Are you aligned with me here?

ID: 1389782

18. Let’s circle back in two weeks

ID: 1389578

19. Before it’s too late and this takes a nosedive

ID: 1390034

20. Or else you’ll be putting me in a really tight spot!

ID: 1390212


ID: 1390294

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