The Most Business Deal To Ever Happen In Business

Don’t let the cat out of the bag, ok?

1. Hey you! Come over here to the water cooler

2. I know there is a lot on your plate lately

3. But we need to touch base

4. Take what I am about to say at face value

5. But I just crunched the numbers

6. And I decided that you should get a piece of the action

7. Cause this is going to sell like hot cakes!

8. My initial ballpark figures are telling me

9. That people will be waiting hand over fist

10. And that this is going to be a cash cow

11. So, to get this project off the ground

12. All we need to do is set up shop

13. And strike while the iron is hot

14. So we can REALLY drum up some business!

15. Pretty much everyone is already on board

16. Should I pencil you in?

17. Are you aligned with me here?

18. Let’s circle back in two weeks

19. Before it’s too late and this takes a nosedive

20. Or else you’ll be putting me in a really tight spot!


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