The Creative Characters Of The NYC Marathon

Why run in normal spandex when you can be a superhero?

1. The Fruit

2. The Business Man

3. The superheroes

4. The show-off

5. Not exactly sure what this is but we’ll take it

6. The throwback

7. The belated Halloween revelers

10. Pikachu

Alison Vingiano

12. Jesus?

Carly McElroy

13. Lady Liberty

Carly McElroy

14. The Blues Brothers

Carly McElroy

15. And then there are the runners who will only live as myth, passed down from generation to generation.

Some guy just ran by in an Oscar The Grouch costume complete with garbage can. No matter his time, I think he's won the marathon.

— IrisBlasi (@Iris Blasi)

My brother is shooting for a 3:40 and is wearing a Mr. Potato Head outfit. #nycmarathon

— jgfong (@Juice Fong)

If you're running the #INGNYCM, look for me and @sueonthetown at 82nd and 1st on your left. I'll be dressed as a hot dog. Sue will not.

— meghgrace (@Meghan G. Loftus)

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