14 Reasons Why Airline Companies Need To Delete Their Twitter Accounts Immediately


1. People are constantly subtweeting you

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2. And they aren’t very nice about it

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3. I mean they are REALLY not nice about it

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4. Do you really want Marco Rubio subtweeting you?

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5. Unfortunately, they aren’t even afraid to subtweet it and will tell you directly to your Twitter Face they feel about you

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6. People blame you for ruining their vacations

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7. You end up spending most of your day replying to numbskulls anyways, why continue this?

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8. American Airlines has tweeted over 416,000 (!!!) times. My guess is that 415,000 of them are apologies

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9. Delta even has an account dedicated to apologizing

ID: 2214154

10. It has become so insane that it sometimes talks to itself

ID: 2214159

11. How many times can you say sorry without meaning it?

ID: 2214165

12. What do you say to someone that trusted you with their things only to betray them?

ID: 2215204

13. People even spend real money to advertise on Twitter about how much they hate you

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14. Celebrities use the platform just be upset at you, YOU CAN’T WIN!

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Bottom line: Delete your Twitter accounts, it’s just not worth it!

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