One Of The Main Characters On “Family Guy” Was Killed Off Last Night

They actually did it. SPOILER AHEAD.

Family Guy killed off beloved family dog Brian Griffin in last night’s episode. He was hit by a car and apparently won’t be coming back. That’s it. He is gone.

See the farewell here:

The internet is understandably upset…

family guy killed off Brian…… moment of silence plz

— laurrsands (@laura)

…although some people were OK with it.

Kind of happy they killed Brian in family guy, annoying prick

— Jim_Shady1 (@Jimion)

If I watched Family Guy still, I'd be happy they've killed off Brian.

— rachael_cannon (@rachael cannon.)

Apparently they killed off Brian griffin in family guy and I'm a very happy with this decision. That character is a douche

— delfino_t (@Heisenberg)

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