Fans Share Photos And Stories Of Meeting Paul Walker

Users have been posting memories of the actor who died in a car crash yesterday at 40 years old.

Look at this straight ass face my cousin had when she met paul walker I would've been puffy eyed and cheesin

— danieromano (@Daniella)

Everyone who ever met Paul Walker said nothing but good things about him. He didn't deserve that shit.

— Abram002 (@ær.)

Saddened by the news of Paul Walker! Was truly a nice guy when I met him! RIP

— hab4evr (@Dino De Rosa)

R.i.p Paul Walker, been a fan since day one when I met you at the house. Me and @MxHutch way back with Paul walker.

— BrandonHutchens (@®)

I actually met @RealPaulWalker once in LA a while back, he was cool AF. I didn’t get an autograph tho, Just meeting him was all you needed.

— Dannye9O (@iamREX)

Gutted to hear Paul Walker has died. Dads met him many a time and from what I hear couldn't of been a more normal or nice bloke!

— wmleighton (@Will Leighton)

My son @DYLANQUEEN03 met @RealPaulWalker a couple of times!! What a great guy and role model! He will be missed!

— brandycqueen (@BQUEEN)

Met Paul Walker once - truly charismatic and kind guy. Stunned at today's news. RIP @RealPaulWalker

— FanboyPlanet (@Fanboy Planet)

the fact that i met @RealPaulWalker on set of his last movie is heartbreaking. #destroyed #RIPPaulWalker

— NalouueStyles1D (@i can't change ☆)

Met @RealPaulWalker & his standin @parker23310 on set while I was a dbl 4 @Tyrese. He spoke 2 me. Simple, big thing!

— Edward_Long (@Head of The Class)

Oh my God. RIP Paul Walker. Met him in Daytona when I was a kid. Fully expected it to be another hoax. Wow.

— ImKleShayYo (@Kle Shay)

@RealPaulWalker I met Paul Walker during his press junket visit to SF to promote his film "Eight Below." Unbelievable

— RauhmelFoxCEO (, Inc.)

don't want to believe it @RealPaulWalker :( you were my favorite actor.You were such a downtoearth guy when I met you

— Kraziilylkeena (@✟Kristina)

Met Paul Walker when I did driver training for 2Fast movie. Real car guy, and cool. Sad. @pirelliwc @PAULWALKERRlP

— RandyPobst (@Randy Pobst)

Throw back when I met @RealPaulWalker at Starbucks such a nice person ❤ he called me sweetheart #imacreep

— hochoa12 (@Hanna Ochoa)

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