People Are Really Excited About Getting An “I Voted” Sticker

This is why we need nation-wide-I-Voted sticker reform.

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2. Every American knows the value of the sticker is more important than the value of the actual vote

4. People who did end up receiving them were ultra braggy about it (rightfully so)

That feeling you get when you get that "I voted " sticker>>>>

— JurbanLegend (@James Urban)

I have my "I Voted" sticker. Do you?

— kimberly_moore (@Kimberly Moore)

8. The people who didn’t get one were pretty pissed though

Where is my 'I Voted' sticker dammit??

— naja_not_nausea (@Naja Pulliam)

I wanna kno why I didn't get a I voted sticker...

— _MzSnickerz_ (@Valencia)

Wait, they never gave me an "I voted" sticker. I was really looking forward to it. :(

— eevonvon (@Yvonne Weng)

Mad I didn't get a "I VOTED STICKER" as I pout with my bottom lip stuck out. #VoteObama

— sxychocl8 (@&&&&&)

kinda mad i didnt get an "i voted" sticker tbh but whatever

— xkaitlynnnnnnnx (@Kaitlyn)

I'm really sad I didn't get an "I Voted" sticker 😒

— meg_bloom (@Megan Bloom)

i didnt get a sticker that says I Voted. #sadtweet

— chelsealyn3994 (@Chelsea McGrail)

Didn't get a I voted sticker ): o well America \m/

— Abifailure (@Abigail Scully)

I am really disappointed that I didn't get an "I voted" sticker.

— andheartscara (@Cara Charlton)

I want my sticker!!!! I voted!!!

— MichelleNW (@Michelle N W)

I just voted! I did not get a sticker. Day is ruined.

— dinahelliott (@Dinah Elliott)

19. You apparently don’t receive a sticker when you vote absentee which makes me wonder why anyone would vote that way

You don't get the I Voted sticker with absentee ballots :(

— megtreg (@Megan Treglown)

kinda bummed i don't get a "I voted" sticker #AbsenteeBallotProbs

— A_myle_long (@Austin Long)

Can't even get an I Voted sticker today cause I voted absentee :( #shucks

— Eschimschock (@Emilee)

i wish i would have gotten an "i voted" sticker when i voted early #sadtweet

— its_BRENDA_baby (@Kelly Ilk)

Wish I had an "I Voted" sticker to wear today #absenteeprobs

— thomasvblake (@Tom Blake)

Damn I'm so pissed I voted via absentee. I want a voting sticker 😩

— tkqueen (@Taylor Queen)

I voted by absentee ballot so I don't get a cool sticker 😔

— OyVey_Samuel (@Samuel Kunzman)

26. Some just had really bad luck

I voted on Saturday but I saved my sticker for today. And now I left it at home. Maaaaaaan.

— _brennzz (@Brenna)

My "I voted" sticker fell off this morning. Hair dryer died halfway through. New L schedule on green line is making me late. Fun day ahead.

— hourglass (@Jacqueline WG)

28. This girl steals her moms sticker every year :)

I steal my moms "I voted" sticker every year :)

— Kris10_Black (@Kristin Black)

29. This guy wanted one so bad he offered to pay for it

Does anybody wanna sell their I Voted Sticker... ill buy it for $10 bucks

— iamdjkd (@Lingerie Party Nov 9)

30. Now these stickers are spreading unconfirmed rumors

If you show McDonald's your "I voted" sticker, you get a free apple pie! Fatty patty!!

— NathalyEChicas (@EstelaChicas)



Free coffee and pie from McDonalds if you come in with your "I Voted" sticker!

— AlleyBeth (@Allison)


— iMoan_YouSuck (@LäLå'Mòmmïê)

34. There is even a free coffee at Starbucks rumor going around (they did this in 2008)

I just voted, if u vote today and u get sticker that said " I VOTED " you will get free coffee at Starbucks.

— zindawala (@Zuber Indawala)

35. Chipotle may or may not be offering something too

Is it true if u have the i voted sticker u get free chipotle

— WhySoSerious_4 (@Lakers Nation)

Chipotle giving out $2 burritos with an "I voted" sticker? #PleaseConfirm

— Indulge_In_D (@Double Dee)

So I heard chipotle is giving out free burritos tomorrow If you come with an I voted sticker on. Don't quote me on that though

— J_JordJR (@Johnnie Jordan Jr.)

Can anybody confirm the free burrito from chipotle it you wear your "I voted" sticker?

— Predico_USMC (@Steven Predico)

39. If you were one of the fortunate people who got a sticker, please follow this advice.

Ask yourself: does Instagram need another photo of the 'I voted' sticker?

— DessertForTwo (@Christina)

40. And be sure you have all your social networks covered with one as well.

got my i voted sticker and my i voted twitter avatar and my i voted cover photo and my i voted foursquare badge and my i voted klout perk

— mattlanger (@Matt Langer)

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