Aziz Ansari Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger To Do His Voicemail

The Governator is currently running a contest in promotion with his new book where he will do a custom voicemail each week for a special fan and Aziz thinks he has got what it takes to be that fan. posted on

It all started when Aziz entered the contest looking to have the Govnah do his voicemail

Check out @Schwarzenegger's" target="_blank">">@Schwarzenegger's Epic Voicemail Giveaway. After you enter he follows you back on Twitter!…" target="_blank">">… #TotalRecallBook" target="_blank">">#TotalRecallBook

Really I hope I win this @Schwarzenegger" target="_blank">">@Schwarzenegger voicemail contest. Watch this video for last winner:" target="_blank">">

Soon he realized this wasn’t going to be as easy as a tweet and he had to put some effort into it

6. He ignored it

.@schwarzenegger If Mr. Crisp was on Twitter I'd unfollow him. #JohnKimble4Life" target="_blank">">#JohnKimble4Life

8. He ignored it again (and screamed)

.@schwarzenegger Its my birthday, please RT this. Would make my day. OK ITS NOT MY BDAY BUT I LOVE TERMINATOR 2, PLZ RT

I have 2 seats to give away to my Orpheum Show in LA. Only way to win the tix is to get @Schwarzenegger" target="_blank">">@Schwarzenegger to come to the show. Serious.

12. Arnold would have gone to his show that night but unfortunately he had to finish writing all these checks to himself

.@schwarzenegger let's reboot Twins and make Jingle All the Way 2, film back to back like Lord of the Rings style

.@schwarzenegger if you RT this, i'll give you a Turboman to give to your son, JK THOSE ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND BUT STILL RT PLZ

15. Arnold almost fell for this until he decided to check eBay

One last try

.@schwarzenegger just saw a man made of liquid metal leaving a steel mill, very concerned, please DM me

18. And then it happened.

RT @Schwarzenegger:" target="_blank">">@Schwarzenegger: Let's have a vote. @azizansari" target="_blank">">@azizansari has loaded up my mentions with hilarious movie references. Should I do a voicemail fo ...

Now Schwarz (he lets me call him that) is polling Twitter to see if he should do it, which is where we stand right now

Vote: should @azizansari" target="_blank">">@azizansari get a v-mail? I think Kindergarten Cop and T2 could be a fantastic combo.…" target="_blank">">…

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