Are They Going To Make An Anchorman Sequel?

We investigate.

Rumors of an Anchorman 2 all seem to have started back in 2012 when Will Ferrell showed up as Ron Burgundy (the character he plays in the movie “Anchorman”) on Conan

Since then he has shown up countless other times in character as Ron Burgundy (Again, if you don’t know, Ron Burgundy is the character he plays in the movie “Anchorman”).

Stringer/Canada / Reuters

He has been in a ton of Dodge commercials

He even showed up to do an actual newscast in North Dakota one night

He was also on ESPN as Ron Burgundy (FYI - Ron Burgundy is the character he plays in “Anchorman”)

And on Conan again

Team Coco / TBS / Via

The cast of Anchorman even made a surprise appearance on SNL with One Direction last week


I took this to Google which yielded a ton of results

Bing was even talking about? (I think)

I checked Twitter and found a few people talking about the idea

they should make an Anchorman 2.

— johnsemley3000 (@John Semley)

They should make an Anchorman 2.

— JoeyLozito (@Boy Tweets World)

This person seems to believe it is coming out next week? Although I can’t confirm.

Who's trying to see anchorman 2 with me when I get back next week..??

— Khansen07 (@Keegan Hansen)

This guy thinks it is showing in Texas. Again, I cannot confirm this.

When I get back to Texas I'm going to go watch anchorman 2

— sretsaM_sirhC (@jelly belly❤️❤️)

If I knew the answer I would tell you Matthew!?

Wait I'm confused. Did they make a second Anchorman movie? If so, why haven't they been advertising it at all?

— drmattdambrosio (@Matthew D'Ambrosio)

Conclusion: I cannot come to a conclusion. Sorry for wasting your time but I still have no idea if there is going to be an Anchorman 2 or not.

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT

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