The 16 Whitest Things Cats Ever Did

You do you, cats. Stereotypically, of course.

1. Enjoying a smoothie.

ID: 3101451

2. Chillaxin’ in some Uggs.

ID: 3101481

3. Wearing skinny jeans that might be too skinny.

ID: 3101484

4. Sippin’ on some Starbucks.

ID: 3101457

5. Posing for a really dramatic selfie.

ID: 3101506

6. Trying to make socks and sandals work together, even though they never will.

ID: 3101540

7. Being obsessed with their iPhone.

ID: 3101566

8. Trying to make Hawaiian shirts happen.

ID: 3101555

9. Getting obsessed with their juicing machine of choice.

ID: 3101582

10. Bragging about reading a physical newspaper for once.

ID: 3101593

11. Ordering a lot more food than what they were hungry for.

ID: 3101611

12. Deciding to go on a cruise and then hating it the entire time.

ID: 3101627

13. Getting too excited over yogurt.

ID: 3101642

14. Pretending to know how to garden.

ID: 3101655

15. Loving TV shows with laugh tracks.

ID: 3101682

16. Posing for a family photo.

ID: 3101691

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