This Corgi On Instagram Shows More Emotion Than You Do

When the great and powerful Corgnelius gave this pup a shout-out, the world had no idea how well Desmondhe can emote. Spoiler: his favorite emotion is happiness.

1. “Glad you’re having a great day!”

ID: 1349922

2. “Even my butt says it loves you.”

ID: 1349926

3. “I don’t mind exercising, and neither should you!”

ID: 1349932

4. “Do I mind playing dress-up for you? Yes. But I’m not complaining.”

ID: 1349940

5. “Watch where you walk!”

ID: 1349942

6. “That outfit? Eh, I’m not too sure about it…”

ID: 1349950

7. “I have an open mind, because you never know what’s out there.”

ID: 1349963

8. “Hey girl. Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying the view.”

ID: 1349972

9. “Good morning! I’m happy to see you!”

ID: 1349985

10. “Ugh, whatever, mom.”

ID: 1350006

11. “Where’d that ball go? Now I’m worried I’ll never see it again.”

ID: 1350181

12. “Friends are so fun!”

ID: 1350194

13. “I’m aware of my own strength, but I’m confident and secure with myself enough not to brag about it…”

ID: 1350083

14. “…except when it comes to smiling. I know I’m really, really good at smiling.”

ID: 1349970

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