This Cat Worked Really Hard To Get Into His Hammock

Practice makes purrfect.

1. Timo struggled early on with his hammock.

ID: 3268381

2. Even relaxing in it didn’t come easy for him.

ID: 3268382

3. Timo tried getting a running start, but that technique didn’t really pan out either.

ID: 3268380

4. An aerial approach, perhaps? Not so much.

ID: 3268384

5. Poor buddy couldn’t even share his comfy space with his pals!

ID: 3268383

6. But then one day, after months of training, Timo did it!

ID: 3268385

7. Time to get pampered and relax to the max!

ID: 3268386

8. Now take a break, Timo! You’ve earned it.

ID: 3268387

9. Ahhhh, this is the life.

ID: 3268388

10. Check out his triumphant final episode here:

ID: 3268433

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