15 Sexy Pandas, Otters, And Forest Animals

Thanks to The Colbert Report for the hot post idea.

1. “Oh hey there, mister. You come into this joint often?”

ID: 2158280

2. “I’m coy in the tree but a freak when I’m roamin’ free.”

ID: 2158410

3. “I’m red hot, it’s as simple as that.”

ID: 2158412

4. “Yoooo hooooo!”

ID: 2158501

5. “Yeah, I’m a yoga instructor…”

ID: 2158507

“Yeah, boy. You like what I’m throwin’ down?”

ID: 2158449

6. “See this face I’m touching? You could be touching it with your face, too, if you wanted.”

ID: 2158030

7. “A little birdie told me I’d get a visit from a sexy sailor today. That birdie was riiiiiiight.”

ID: 2158094

8. “Shh, don’t listen to them, baby. I truly, otterly love you.”

ID: 2158097

9. “Suave, sophisticated, debonair. I’m all that and more, just for you.”

ID: 2158103

10. “Nooo, this isn’t a bootycall at all, don’t worry about it.”

ID: 2158108

“Just tryin’ to show you what I’m workin’ with. See anything you like?”

ID: 2158118

11. “This is my ‘smouldering’ look. It looks good on me, right?”

ID: 2158133

12. “They don’t call me ‘foxy lady’ for nothing.”

ID: 2158188

13. “Face down, ass up, et cetera.”

ID: 2158205

14. “Wintertime seduction is my specialty. You may holla back at will.”

ID: 2158269

15. “You might cage me, but you can’t cage my animal magnetism.”

ID: 2158611

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