22 Sexy And Confident Vegan Doughnuts

They’re living life to the FULLEST.

1. “I’m not afraid to show off my glaze every now and then.”

ID: 3295410

2. “I feel great in public!”

ID: 3278777

3. “Sophistication is key.”

ID: 3295406

4. “Good things come in small packages.”

ID: 3278779

5. “I’m not afraid of a horizontal stripe!”

ID: 3278784

6. “There’s a difference between cockiness and confidence, guys. I got this.”

ID: 3278788

7. “Don’t worry about being too extravagant. There’s no such thing.”

ID: 3295479

8. “Sometimes being a little nutty is a good thing.”

ID: 3278790

9. “I have a delicate, cake-y breaky exterior, but I’m strong on the inside.”

ID: 3278807

10. “My eyes are up here.”

ID: 3278794

11. “We’re raised on an elegant pedestal, where we belong.”

ID: 3295448


ID: 3278820

13. “Just three totally perfect pairs hanging out together!”

ID: 3278822

14. “We call ourselves the ‘Trio of Deliciousness’ for a reason. Just look at us!”

ID: 3295490

15. “A little extra topping never hurt anyone!”

ID: 3278827

16. “Wouldn’t you like to wake up next to this in the morning?’

ID: 3278830

17. “Ore-oh no I didn’t? Oh yes I did!”

ID: 3278833

18. “I mix and match styles because I’m a little daring.”

ID: 3278835

19. “Sweet. Simple. Sprinkles. That’s what I’m about.”

ID: 3278838

20. “Fresh flowers are the perfect accessory.”

ID: 3278840

21. “Everyone looks a little bedraggled in the morning, even us!”

ID: 3278868

22. “I’ve got a lot of layers on under there.”

“(Just made you say ‘underwhere!’)”

ID: 3295465

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