21 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Most Adorable Meal

Because Breakfast With Melvin is the cutest little blog you’ve ever seen, that’s why.

1. “Flipping flapjacks is my favorite pastime!”

ID: 2055885

2. “Gotta watch my heart health.”

ID: 2055886

3. “It’s 5 a.m. somewhere!”

ID: 2055894

4. “Who says a light yogurt isn’t manly??”

ID: 2055896

5. “This box is allllllllllllll for me!”

ID: 2055898

6. “I may be miniature, but these waffles sure aren’t.”

ID: 2055908

7. “Makin’ sure I get my full serving of sass.”

ID: 2055911

8. “Hmm, it didn’t come out quite like the picture, but I think I did a fine job!”

ID: 2055914

9. “I even fetched the cinnamon sticks!”

ID: 2055916

10. “Hurry up and sit down so I can start eating! This egg in a basket waits for no one.”

ID: 2055917

11. “Let me have this private, personal moment with my food.”

ID: 2055918

12. “Family Size or Melvin Size? I’ll be the judge of that.”

ID: 2055920

13. “Just call me the cinnamon roll model!”

ID: 2055922

14. “Bacon, egg and cheese? Yes, please!”

ID: 2055924

15. “Don’t you dare badmouth Ohio in this house today. Not in front of the doughnuts.”

ID: 2055926

16. “It’s the little things in life, you guys.”

ID: 2055927

17. “With this protein shake, we can grow up big and strong!”

ID: 2055930

18. “Arteries, please forgive me today.”

ID: 2055931

19. “On the eighth day, Dog God created pecan rolls. I’m convinced of it.”

ID: 2055933

20. “I enjoy only the finest things in life, including fashions and food.”

ID: 2055936

21. “Dippable eggs! What’ll they think of next?”

ID: 2056000

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